Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer – Mahsa & Jamison

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer – Mahsa & Jamison

Some weddings linger on in your thoughts much longer than others. The smiles, teary eyes, elated faces and joyful chatter somehow make their way back into your thoughts long after the photo-album has made its way into the hands of the happy newlyweds.

The wedding of the beautiful Persian bride Mahsa and her handsome groom Jamison was an extraordinary experience for us as photographers & videographers. There was an abundance of love present, which was shared between each family member and friends. We have had so many people come to us during the wedding to ask us if we needed anything or simply thanking us for doing such an amazing job. And on a day like the wedding of Mahsa and Jamison our work can hardly be qualified as work when everything goes about so gracefully.

The Persian ceremony was a humbling experience with so much tears shed, love expressed and laughter kindled. Mahsa and Jamison had a canopy suspended above their heads, held in place by a beautiful bridal party. Soon after their pinky finger would submerge in a pot of honey and then placed inside each other’s mouth. Their lips would gently meet and conclude the final kiss. The newlyweds were lavished with so many wonderful gifts, warm embraces and kind kisses.

Mahsa and Jamison were beaming with excitement and happiness and partly because they would finally get to do the photo-session. We all jumped into a golf cart and raced our way up to hole 2 on the golf course of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Our time there was nothing short of unbridled fun and the amazing photos are an attestment to that.

Later that evening the speeches given by Jamison’s mother would reveal why the family embraces each other with so much love and caring, something felt throughout the entire day.

One battles not a terminating illness by one self but with unconditional love and caring from family and friends.

Mahsa & Jamison it was a pleasure being a part of this remarkable wedding day.

Thank you!
Miguel, Claudia & Nestor.

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