Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer – Camila & David

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer – Camila & David

David had gone through many proposal scenarios in his head and the one that excited him the most was to propose to the love of his life all the way in Australia. David and Camila are a native of Colombia and therefore the trip to Australia was certainly not going to be a short one. But they both have a great passion for travel and getting acquainted with new cultures.

However, getting to Australia is just part one and then proposing to the love of your life is the other part… David made sure part two was going to be equally enchanting and had done much to prepare for the moment suprême!

He had selected a number of truly gorgeous suites for them to stay in. They were going to check each one out before Camila was going to make up her mind which one to pick. Expect, in the very first suite David had planned the ring, he had placed the ring in the middle of the king-size bed.

There’s no chance that Camila was going to miss the prettiest ring on earth, neatly confined to a petit box. They entered the first grand suite, David posted against the wall and waited for Camila to discover the ring…

She slowly wandered about the suite in quite an approving manner… The view outside was gorgeous and balcony a perfect place to toast during the sunset. Camila finally strolled into the master bedroom, walked past the king-size bed and then back towards the exit. “Let’s check out the other suites amor”, she eagerly whispered into David’s ear.

All David could utter was: “take your time beautiful, look around carefully, we have all day…”.

David would later reveal to us that he had a camera setup too to record the whole thing. “She just walked past the bed and went straight to exit! I just couldn’t have her leave that suite! At least not without that ring!”.

Rest assured, Camila & David got married in Curacao at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on September 11th. It was a beautiful wedding amongst close family and some amazing friends. The food was exquisite, the ambiance gorgeous and the memories and friendship created that day lasting for sure.We’re sure our paths will cross again one day.

Miguel & Claudia.

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