Santa Barbara Resort Wedding Photography – Donna + Aaron

Santa Barbara Resort Wedding Photography – Donna + Aaron

There are still many of us today that believe in angels. We want to believe in part because it helps us to understand that if we choose to live a life with just a handful of angelic-like qualities it’s very possible to heal this world and make it a better place, for everybody.

Whether an angel is a fact or just a fairy tale there are certain people who you cross paths with, who have such striking angelic-like qualities, that you can’t help but to conclude to be an angel.

Donna radiates from the inside out with this pure, loving and caring aura. And as we started to share ideas about the planning–and of course the much anticipated photo session–we grew more and more excited. The excitement wasn’t solely because of the ideas we had in mind for the photographing of Manolo Blahnik’s sexy turquoise shoes or the extraordinary and gorgeous wedding gown, but it was more about wanting to turn a special day into an unforgettable wedding day. This “wanting” says everything about Donna as a person. You meet somebody for just a few minutes and feel this humongous urge to give them all of your time and the very best of you!

Donna’s hairdo call was at 08:00 and when we got to her, her indelible smile cleared us of any kind of stress for that day. “Have you guys had breakfast yet?”, she asked. Donna send us off to have breakfast, there is nothing as fancy and copacetic as the breakfast you get at Santa Barbara Beach Resort. You shouldn’t have darling but we knew you would never take a “no” for an answer! There’s so much we would want to share about our experience with Donna that day but we are going to let these photos articulate some of our moments together.

Donna & Aaron we want to thank you for making us a part of your wedding day. It was a true privilege. Aaron, your guardian angel is a lot closer to you than you might believe. Much love, Miguel & Claudia.

The day started of beautifully with Donna’s gorgeous dress.



Donna opted for a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s to acompany her gorgeous wedding dress.




With so many amazingly beautiful spots to take wedding photos, we could easily have continued until sunset.





Gianni, the Santa Barbara Resort wedding planner, made sure the ceremony looked gorgeous.



After an intimate ceremony with some of their closest friends & family, there was time for cake! They danced in the sand and enjoyed their first evening as husband & wife together under the stars.



Many thanks to the amazing vendors on this wedding:

Santa Barbara Resort Wedding Photography: Wow Wedding Details

Wedding cake: David Corsen Cakes
Light: Massive Pro
Flowers: Bonsai
Venue: Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao