Moraira Swiss Hotel Spain Wedding: Rachael + Kevin

Moraira Swiss Hotel Spain Wedding: Rachael + Kevin

He came up to her and asked her why she was talking to that other guy, when she could have been talking to him. Cocky? Maybe, but it got her attention! Their story proves destiny, fate, and fortune all lead a person to their soul mate. Rachael and Kevin first met in a bar in Croatia as they visited the country on a vacation with friends. Kevin saw Rachael and was smitten from the start. As their relationship progressed, they fell deeper in love. This did not mean she would just marry him the first time he asked her though :-)

Rachael & Kevin are the type of people who welcome others with open arms and warm heart. They’re two of the most dynamic people one could meet. Planning a wedding while running your own very successful business is not to be taken lightly, but Rachael & Kevin did it. They had an absolutely gorgeous wedding and pieced together a perfect day.

Rachael & Kevin, joining you on your wedding day was nothing short of spectacular. Thank you for the honor of commemorating your special day. Much Love…Claudia & Miguel

**Special thanks goes to Joaquin of Swiss Hotel for his help in orchestrating and coordinating such a special wedding!

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