Marriott Curacao Wedding – Ulrike & Rayk

Marriott Curacao Wedding – Ulrike & Rayk

“I will jump through fire one day to prove my never-ending love to you!”

Sometimes it’s quite a puzzlement how people with completely different backgrounds match, fall in love and then get married.

Ulrike is a savvy business woman; she runs a successful insurance company in Potsdam, Germany. Rayk is a music teacher from the same town; he is a master at playing just about any instrument he can get his hands on. So, where does one meet with a schedule so tight and a focus so keen? The likely place to get hooked up, the world wide web!

While pushing his race bike close to 260 km/hour–Ulrike holding on dearly–Rayk realised that the gorgeous tall blond behind him might just be the gall of his dreams. On a fine day Rayk told Ulrike to take some warm clothing with her as they were going to the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, near wonderful Berlin. As the night made the sky light up with stars, Rayk knew it was about time to prove his love to his love. He pulled out a hoop, burning with fire, extend it to Ulrike and asked her to hold it steady. Rayk then took a few steps back, coiled up like a spring and then jumped through the ring of fire. His acrobatic talent didn’t end there; he rolled through the grass to break his fall and allowed momentum to get him half way up, where he proposed to Ulrike. “Remember I told you one day, I will jump through fire to prove to you my never-ending love!” Of course, the stunt was concluded with a beautiful ring.

That same year Ulrike and Rayk were watching a television show that happen to show parts of Curacao. Never having visited Curacao before and only having heard of the Blue Curacao liquor, the couple thought it would be a wild idea–perfectly matching their personality–to get married at sunset on a beach and with background music they have never heard of before.

On October 25th of 2014 at the Marriott Hotel, Ulrike & Rayk got married, exactly as the sun was setting and accompanied by a delightful steelband. Not too far off, by the shore line, a magically decorated gazebo stood. Here the newly weds would romantically spend the rest of the night dining together.

We feel so privileged for having spend a wonderful time with the two of you, and not to forget the lovely and beautiful Sophie. Our pizza evening at Tomatoes, the magical photo shoot at Cas Abou and Karakter beach, and jolly happy-hours at the Marriott Hotel drinking lots of wild cocktails will all be cherished for some time to come!

There’s no doubt that our paths will cross again, perhaps in Potsdam, Germany. Much love, Claudia & Miguel.

The day started very early, getting ready at the Marriott Hotel.


Ulrike-Rayk-Wedding-Photography-@-Marriott-Hotel-Cas-Abou-Beach-Curacao-Wow-Wedding-Details_0016 We first drove to Cas Abou, a beach that they fell in love with on their first visit to the island.

We were lucky to have beautiful clouds, and even some thunder in the background but no rain!

We decided to drive to one of our favorite spots at Karakter Beach…Ulrike-Rayk-Wedding-Photography-@-Marriott-Hotel-Cas-Abou-Beach-Curacao-Wow-Wedding-Details_0011

As always, Francine did an amazing job making their reception look wonderful.


The beautiful Sophie…
The ceremony was beautiful and intimate, the sunset in the background made it unforgettable…
The cake–especially for me, always a difficult moment–as I have to fight the urge to just chuck it all down…what cake? I didn’t see any!


Many thanks to the amazing vendors on this wedding:

Marriott Curacao Wedding Photography: Wow Wedding Details
Wedding cake: Marielle’s Cakes
Flowers: Bonsai
Venue: Marriott Hotel Curacao
Make-up and hair: Franceen Denbow