Milly & Xander – Marriott Beach Wedding Photography

Milly & Xander – Marriott Beach Wedding Photography

She began planning their wedding when they were engaged for three years, as Xander would be leaving soon for his new job in Dubai, 9000 miles from Curacao. They had been together for over seven years and have had a long distance relationship before when Milly went to study abroad, but that has never been a problem for them. Milly & Xander wanted nothing more than to have a beautiful beach ceremony before he would start his new job, so with the help of family & friends they managed to organize a perfect day.

Milly & Xander were referred to me by a friend because she knew our personalities would match, and she was right :-) Both of them are crazy about their pets, which scores extra points in my book! I was so happy to see she brought her sweet dogs to the hotel to keep her company while Lenyn was working his magic again.

Thank you Milly & Xander, for having us photograph your wedding day. It was an honor to be present and meet your sweet family & friends, and dogs!! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both! Much love, Claudia & Miguel


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Many thanks to the wonderful team on this wedding:

Hair & Make up: Lenyn Linares
Cake: Liezet Marquez
Wedding Planner: Roxy Martina
Wedding Photographer: Wow Wedding Details