Kleine Knip Curacao Wedding Photography – Danita & Jairo

Kleine Knip Curacao Wedding Photography – Danita & Jairo

Beautiful things happen to wonderful people.

There are people you meet in life that have the ability to turn every single day into a happy and jolly excursion. Danita and Jairo are the kind of people that understand very well that keeping focus on good things is more likely to lead to a positive outcome than vice versa. Spend more time doing the things you love in life, and make sure that what you do is an inspiration for others. All wise words from a lady with some genuine tattoo art on one part of her long and slender body. Jairo on the other hand is as calm as the sea can get but brimming with energy to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces of furniture.

We shouldn’t hide the fact that we really liked Danita and Jairo from the get-go and so we won’t! And we soon found ourselves for another drink at the Mondi Lodge that the couple manage. It’s a wilderness paradise for couples, teeming with festival colours and a handful of arty and rustic bungalows, all designed in a way to help the mind unwind and have the ears and eyes enjoy the glory of nature. We couldn’t help but to fall in love with the place and often return for breakfast and coffee.

And amidst the countless hours spend by Jairo kite surfing, putting together amazing furniture for the lodge and Danita attending her guests and dazzle them with wonderful tropical breakfast and homemade smoothies, a donkey named John found its way into their lives. Beautiful things happen to wonderful people! John was no strayaway but a donkey that needed proper care and much love.

And then finally there was the wedding. An amazing day filled with so much laughter, fun and beautiful people. It was a wedding day unlike any other wedding we had. The getting-ready part was held at the Mondi Lodge and it couldn’t have been more relaxed. It also made it possible to photograph Danita’s dress by the phenomenal looking tree, well past 200 years of age. Maybe not that old…To most everybody’s surprise, including Jairo, there was a minty 1960 Packard automobile waiting outside to drive Danita off to the Klein Knip Beach where the ceremony was held.

Every time you have a ceremony where you can see and hear the waves rolling up the beach it’s a glorious thing. And a glorious ceremony it was, packed with a good cheer of family and friends. And then we hopped into the 1960 Packard and drove off into the hills… We will leave you with some of our favorite photos to best articulate our experience.

Danita & Jairo we are so excited to have you as friends and can’t wait for our next adventure together!

While everybody was busy getting ready, John made sure the rings were safe.


Hand made by one of her best friends…
Danita looked absolutely stunning
And so did the car…
Their ceremony on the beach was beautiful, with that backdrop you simply can’t go wrong…
Danita was escorted down the aisle by her father
Their cake was so cute, exactly what we were expecting from them :-)
After the ceremony, they jumped in the car and we had some time for wedding photos.
We used different locations and every single one was perfect in every way…


Many thanks to the amazing vendors on this wedding:

Kleine Knip Curacao Wedding Photography: Wow Wedding Details
Venue: Mondi Lodge Curacao