Femke + Corne – Curacao Karakter Destination Wedding

Femke + Corne – Curacao Karakter Destination Wedding

For over 10 years they had been dreaming together about one day having their destination wedding in Curacao. Even with their insanely busy schedules they were determined to support each other and keep dreaming.  After they both graduated, finally there was time to start making this dream a reality.

Corné shifted his weight from one leg to another as he waited for Femke to walk outside for their first look. As she did, tears rolled down the cheeks of their parents, as it was obvious for everyone to see, together they became complete.
That evening, surrounded by palm trees and family and friends, glasses were raised to two people who simply fit.

Femke and Corné, I hope you enjoyed every minute in Curacao. I’m sure you’re planning your next adventure already. Thank you for the honour of documenting your love. Your day was a dream (and very very very warm) and I’m so happy to have been your wedding photographer.

Much love, Claudia

I love when couples opt to see each other before the ceremony for a first look. It gives us plenty of time for wedding photos, and a road trip!! When these lovely people saw us taking photos, they KNEW they also had to get the shot. Femke & Corné made some new friends along the way! The ceremony was held on the beach with a breathtaking view of the ocean. After the ceremony, Femke & Corné gave me some extra time to photograph them on the beach and surroundings.

The perfect team for this destination wedding:

Hair &  Make up: Franceen Denbow
Wedding Photographer: Wow Wedding Details
Wedding Car: Betty
Wedding planning: Weddings by Merel
Wedding Dress: Weddings Bruidsmode
Wedding Suit: Van Westen Mannen