Curacao Engagement Photography – Kristen & Chris

Curacao Engagement Photography – Kristen & Chris

There are some of those weddings we really look forward to, even if the wedding is still a whole year away… Those weddings never feel like work because it all revolves around great joy and unbridled fun. Naturally it takes a certain level of a sunny personality, from both sides, to make a wedding day feel so special. And we have had quite a few of those…

Kristin and Chris flew down to Curacao to arrange for their wedding in August of 2016. For us it was the perfect time to get together with them and do an engagement photo session. We picked them up at the Hilton Hotel and drove straight to the Pietermaai area for some very casual photos. And what a joy it was… Kristin has this amazing smile, like permanent on her face. It’s so contagious and you can’t help but to keep framing her in the view-finder of your camera just about every inch of the way. And Chris likes to keep things more on the chucklesome side by being funny without really being funny, if that makes sense. If he starts laughing you can’t help but to join the Frackle party.

What we have created here, amongst us and this wonderful couple, is a bond of some kind that will absolutely ensure the making of a very special wedding day. 

Kristin and Chris thank you for allowing us the opportunity to have shared such a fabulous day together.   

We can’t wait for that big day!

Much love, Mig & Claudia



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