Allyson & Carlos – Lac Cai Bonaire Wedding

Allyson & Carlos – Lac Cai Bonaire Wedding

It was the day they had been waiting for. Her friends were buzzing around the room in the Marriott Bonaire, enjoying champagne and pizza, finalising details and dancing whenever possible. Meanwhile, Carlos was enjoying a relaxed afternoon with his friends, all of whom travelled to Bonaire to celebrate this day with him. 

They met years ago in a fine establishment in New York. Through the years, more than once they moved to support each other’s career moves. And they would move anywhere life takes them, as long as they go together as a team. Just as their friend Alexa advised them to.   

Allyson & Carlos, I hope you’re enjoying every single day together in Seattle. Thank you for being amazing, sweet and fun, we could not have enjoyed documenting your wedding day any more. It was as perfect as you two are together. Much love, Claudia, Miguel, Ken & Jeng.

After the finishing touches and of course some champagne, we went for their first look at Lac Bay Bonaire Spending some time together at Lac Bay before the guest would arrive was perfect, the rest of the day they wanted to spend time with family & friends that travelled to Bonaire to celebrate this day with them, so having photos done before the ceremony  made the rest of the day so relaxed. They enjoyed a fantastic night celebrating with their friends and family.

The Team for this beautiful destination Bonaire Wedding:

Ceremony: Lac Cai
Reception Venue: Landhuis Wanapa
Wedding Videography: Wow Wedding Details by Wolff & Co.
Wedding Photography: Wow Wedding Details